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Hybrid Learning Model (HLM)

What is the Hybrid Learning Model?

The Hybrid Learning Model is an extremely versatile tool, developed by CETL(NI) to capture, describe, reflect on and plan good practice in teaching and learning. The model combines the 8 Learning Events Model developed by LabSET, University of Liège, Belgium with Sue Bennett's teaching and learning verbs (University of Wollongong).

The model proposes eight interactional concepts (learning events) which encapsulate learning and teaching: receives, debates, experiments, creates, explores, practices, imitates and meta-learns. These events can then be explored further in terms of the teacher and learner, using associated verbs. The model is supported by flash cards visually depicting each of the eight learning events (8LEM). Further information about the HLM is available here.8LEM Model image

How it works

  1. Think of a learning activity that you have been involved in.
  2. Break the activity down into individual learning events to describe your practice using the flash cards as a prompt.
  3. Delve deeper into the interaction between the teacher and learner by examining each learning event individually and assigning verbs to describe both the teacher and learner role (verbs are suggested on the individual learning event flash cards).
  4. This can be recorded on a mapping grid and/or output as an animation.

Possible usesHLM cards

  • Articulating and sharing practice
  • Reflecting on current practice
  • Evaluating specific learning activities
  • Developing new lesson plans
  • Promoting and clarifying expectations to help students understand the teaching and learning process, assisting students to adapt to new learning situations and improving student study skills
  • Supporting course validations, peer observation and staff and student induction.

HLM Outputs
HLM Modelled Activities.
View January 2010
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HLM Cards
Pack of the 10 HLM cards available to download and use.
Adobe Acrobat Icon PDF (895 Kb) May 2008
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HLM Poster
Poster explaining the HLM. Displayed in poster exhibitions at relevant conferences.
Adobe Acrobat Icon PDF (750 Kb) April 2008
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HLM Grid
HLM Mapping Grid to record the HLM outputs.
Adobe Acrobat Icon PDF (156 Kb) March 2007
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